Here are some helpful tips when cooking our turkeys:

  1. KEEP REFRIGERATED in original package until ready to to prepare for cooking. Purchase a good meat thermometer if you do not have one.
  2. WHEN READY TO COOK; Open package, remove neck and giblet bag from cavity. RINSE turkey with cold water.
  3. HEAT OVEN AT 325 TO 350 DEGREES (cooking time will be slower at 325)
  4. TURKEYS CAN BE ROASTED STUFFED OR UNSTUFFED. Put the stuffing in just before cooking. Do not pack the stuffing in tightly as the stuffing will expand during cooking.
  5. PLACE IN ROASTING PAN AND COVER IT. APPROXIMATE TIME IS 13 T0 15 MINUTES PER POUND (at 350 degrees) Additional cooking time will be added if you open the oven door often to baste the turkey.
  6. CHOOSE WHERE YOU WILL PLACE THE MEAT THERMOMETER. Place it deep into the breast meat OR into the inner thigh. Leave the thermometer in place or simply take readings and remove. Near the end of cooking, leave it in to monitor temperature closely
  7. WHEN TURKEY IS ALMOST FINISHED (ABOUT 1 HOUR REMAINING) REMOVE COVER. Begin to baste occasionally by spooning or brushing the cooking juices from the bottom of the pan over the turkey as it continues to cook. ** Remember the more times you open the oven and let the heat escape the longer the cooking time **
    BREAST - 163 to 165 degrees
    THIGH - 183 to 185 degrees
    Lightly cover the delicious looking turkey and let it rest 20 minutes before carving.
  10. PROMPTLY CHILL LEFTOVERS TO ENJOY LATER. Use freezer containers to freeze cooked turkey for a quick meal later. Cutting the meat into cubes works well for many recipes. Portion out turkey and leftovers, freeze and enjoy a quick and hearty meal from your oven or microwave.

Thank you for buying our Vermont Turkey