Whole Chicken & Boneless Breast
Owners Judy and Dave
Pet Food Patties
maple syrup

Premium Young Vermont Chicken
Our chicken is all natural and delicious. They are raised on an all vegetarian diet with no added growth hormones or antibiotics. We process them on site in our inspected processing plant. All of our chicken is sold wholesale to several local markets and restaurants.

Premium Young Vermont Turkey
Our flagship product. We have been raising turkeys here at the farm since 1984. They are raised just like our chickens, that is, on an all natural and all vegetarian diet with no growth hormones or antibiotics. They are raised in large open-air barns where they are free to roam and have access to clean, fresh water and food at all times.  They are processed on site and are sold wholesale to many local markets as well as here off the farm in November. Call to reserve yours for this Thanksgiving!

Raw Chicken Pet Food
Our raw pet food is made exclusively of chicken from our farm. Our pet food is ground raw and formed into various sizes of blocks and patties. This is a frozen product used for supplemental feeding for cats and dogs. We also have chicken backs and necks available.

Pure Vermont Maple Syrup  
Our maple syrup is made the traditional way using a wood fired arch and sap from strictly sugar maple trees on the farm.

All Natural Compost 
Our compost is made with manure and bedding from animals here at the farm. It is amazing and will really make your garden flourish!

Christmas Trees
Come on out to the farm and choose and cut your own Christmas tree for the holiday! We have a decent selection of large and small trees.